Company Philosophy

Olympus Capital is a premier asset-based lender and equity investment company, funding real estate and unique business opportunities. The principal partners invest their own money into every project and open up the opportunity for others to invest with them. Olympus believes that providing security, integrity, and opportunity for every investment partner and borrower is at the forefront of every deal.

  • Security is the main objective with every investment. A single purpose Limited Liability Company (LLC) is set up for each project. The newly formed LLC is highly collateralized with a very low loan-to-value (LTV) ratio.
  • Integrity – Olympus reviews hundreds of potential investments, but only a handful of projects meet the company’s rigorous standards. Following initial acceptance, the project undergoes a stringent due diligence and detailed underwriting process.
  • Opportunity – The current economic environment has created unprecedented opportunities never before seen in our lifetime. Olympus Capital is committed to finding the highest quality secure investments, with healthy returns for their investment partners.

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